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What are the characteristics of tapered roller bearings?

November 15,2023

VNV products use high-quality GCR15 bearing steel, carefully forged, built-in high-strength rolling elements, and highly precise polishing processes to ensure their excellent durability and stability. We also use more wear-resistant steel balls to improve the load-bearing capacity.

Each product undergoes multiple strict inspections before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the bearings and win customer satisfaction and trust.


Secondly, bearings can meet the challenges of heavy radial loads and high-speed applications. They can adapt to axial displacement (except for bearings with flanges on both inner and outer rings), have high stiffness, low friction, and long service life.


VNV tapered roller bearings have increased size and number of rollers, improving load capacity. We offer various types of bearings, including regular, double row, medium, large angle, and four row tapered roller bearings, to meet different needs. For large bearings, we use pin retainers and stamped retainers to ensure performance and reliability.

Regardless of your needs, VNV provides you with high-quality bearing solutions to meet various application needs, allowing you to use them with peace of mind.