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Exploring VNV Bearings Factory: The Story Behind Quality

November 03,2023

Welcome to explore the manufacturing process of bearings at VNV Bearings factory together. 

These photos will guide you through the starting point of materials to the completion of high-quality bearings.

1: Material preparation: We strictly select the highest quality materials to ensure the excellent performance of the bearings.


2: Inner and outer ring forging: Through the forging process, the raw materials are hammered into the basic appearance of the bearing, preparing for subsequent processing.


3: Turning: The precise turning process carves the inner and outer rings into precise shapes to ensure the perfect fit of the bearings.


4: Heat treatment: The high-temperature treatment process endows bearings with excellent hardness and durability.


5: Grinding: Through precise grinding process, the bearing surface is smooth as a mirror, ensuring excellent performance.


6: Assembly: Finally, the various components are assembled into finished bearings in the hands of professional workers, ready to be delivered to the customer.


These photos demonstrate our excellent craftsmanship and quality commitment, whether in material selection, manufacturing process, or final product delivery, we strive for excellence. Thank you for your continuous trust and support. It is your motivation that has enabled us to constantly surpass ourselves in terms of quality.

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