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2023 VNV BEARINGS Sustainability-Energy Bearings-Wind Turbine

December 21,2023

The wind energy industry is actively transitioning towards a greener future, breaking away from dependence on non renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels, and bringing comprehensive changes to the power production industry As many wind turbines are nearing the end of their warranty period, proper maintenance is crucial for maintaining the turbines in good condition Therefore, VNV plays a crucial role in fields such as  spherical bearings,  cylindrical bearings, and multi row tapered roller bearings with leading expertise, ensuring optimal performance of turbines, improving efficiency, reliability, and extending service life

VNV will take you in depth to understand the types of bearings used in various parts of wind turbines, as well as various options to extend their service life

Pitch and yaw:

Rotary bearings are crucial for pitch and yaw control of wind turbines, ensuring smooth blade rotation, supporting heavy loads, transmitting axial and radial forces, and withstanding tilting moments


The main shaft of the wind turbine adopts self-aligning  roller bearings to deal with angle misalignment. The common combination of cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings provides excellent combined load capacity


The gearbox of a wind turbine operates under high-speed and harsh weather conditions. Common bearing designs include combinations of cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, and ball bearings to meet speed and load requirements

Extend service life:

There are many options to support wind turbine bearings to achieve their maximum service life. The bearings are manufactured with black oxide coatings to protect components from the harsh atmospheric conditions faced by wind turbines

VNV offers a wide range of in-depth bearing products to meet your specific needs. If you cannot find the desired product, please refer to our official website for recommended products and contact us