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2023 VNV BEARINGS Industry Popular Science Mechanical Processing Industry Bed Bearing

December 07,2023

In the field of mechanical processing, CNC machine tools are closely related to high precision. The spindle of the machine tool plays a crucial role in the efficiency of CNC machine tools, responsible for driving the cutting head. Due to the crucial importance of accuracy, even small vibrations can bring catastrophic consequences.

To address this challenge, Weinwei has developed various types of bearings suitable for machine tool spindles, including  angular contact ball bearings, radial or deep groove bearings,  roller bearings, and thrust ball bearings. 

When selecting bearings, VNV considers key factors:

Speed: High spindle speed increases friction, so choose the appropriate bearing type to avoid excessive temperature damage to performance.

Load: Bearings need to handle radial and axial loads, and different applications require adaptation. Misselection may lead to early wear and reduce accuracy levels.

Vibration: Select bearings with vibration suppression performance to maintain accuracy and stiffness under operating conditions and avoid excessive wear caused by vibration.

Pollution: Dust and debris during processing are inevitable, so it is best to choose bearings that are fully sealed to maintain performance and prevent the impact of pollution.

Machine tool spindles play a crucial role in CNC machining, and selecting the appropriate type of ball bearing is crucial for performance. Weinwei is willing to assist you in wisely selecting the type of ball bearing suitable for specific applications to meet your needs