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Thrust ball bearing auto bearings vnv brand 2023 latest top manufacturer
Thrust ball bearing auto bearings vnv brand 2023 latest top manufacturer
Thrust ball bearing auto bearings vnv brand 2023 latest top manufacturer
Thrust ball bearing auto bearings vnv brand 2023 latest top manufacturer

Thrust ball bearing auto bearings vnv brand 2023 latest top manufacturer


Thrust ball bearings

Thrust ball auto bearings are designed to withstand thrust loads at high speeds, and consist of a washer-like collar with a ball-rolling raceway groove. Since the rings are cushion-shaped, thrust ball bearings are categorized into two types: flat-bottomed cushion type and spherical cushion type. In addition, these bearings can withstand axial loads but not radial loads.

Classification:According to the force situation of one-way thrust ball bearings and two-way thrust ball bearings. One-way thrust ball bearing, can bear one-way axial load. Bidirectional thrust ball bearings, can withstand two-way axial load, which the shaft circle and shaft with. The mounting surface of the seat ring is spherical bearing, has the performance of self-aligning, can reduce the influence of the installation error. Thrust ball bearings can not withstand radial load, limit speed is low.


1. available in two types: unidirectional and bi-directional

2. In order to allow for mounting errors, both single direction and double direction, you can choose the spherical self-aligning spherical seat cushion type or with spherical seat ring type.

3. High-quality steel - ultra-clean steel that extends bearing life by up to 80%.

4. Highly advanced grease technology - NSK's lubricant technology allows for extended grease life and improved bearing performance.

5. high grade steel balls - quiet and smooth at high speeds 6. tolerance for mounting errors with optional rings.


Uses of thrust ball bearings: they are only suitable for use on machine parts subjected to axial loads on one side and with low rotational speeds, e.g. crane hooks, vertical pumps, vertical centrifuges, jacks, low-speed speed reducers. The shaft ring, seat ring and rolling body of the bearing are separated and can be assembled and disassembled separately


There are two key points in the assembly of thrust ball bearings. One is the control of the quality of the press fit between the cage and the steel ball, and the other is the control of the nominal height T of the bearing after assembly. In addition, because the shaft ring, seat ring can be separated, bringing a management problem. Is to prevent imported bearing parts mixed assembly. M-type stamping cage using a curved edge assembly mold. After pressing the requirements of the steel ball in the pocket hole rotation flexibility, but not from the pocket hole off, and technical procedures to check the ball in the pocket hole in the amount of fluctuation. Entity cage imprinting press too deep will make the steel ball movement is small, and imprinting raised part of the connection with the cage is too little and insufficient strength, easy to fall out of the block phenomenon, resulting in cage scrapping. Small thrust ball bearings seat circle and shaft circle inner diameter size difference is very small, two sets of groups have no obvious difference. In order to prevent the phenomenon of mixed sets, that is, a set of bearings installed into a set of two are found to be the seat or are the case of the shaft circle. This will need to take certain measures. Usually together with the help of auxiliary equipment will draw circle, seat group to distinguish, or in the sampling of the nominal height of the internal diameter before checking the size of the internal diameter plug gauge, in order to check the internal diameter of the convenience of the seat on the bottom, the shaft circle on the top. If the inner diameter of the seat ring has obvious quenching and heating oxidation color or not after grinding, there is no need to check the inner diameter size, can obviously see the difference between the shaft ring and seat ring, not easy to mix sets. After the assembly of thrust ball bearings need to measure the nominal height T to confirm whether it is qualified. Measurement, with the height of the block or standard calibration, and to measure the load, bearings need to rotate dozens of times, be sure to reach the minimum height. 

When the thrust ball bearings are operated under high speed conditions, the contact angle between the steel balls and the radial plane of the raceway is affected by centrifugal force, which causes sliding of the steel balls relative to the raceway. Adhesive wear caused by this sliding can damage the bearing. In order to prevent this damage, it is necessary to ensure that the thrust ball bearings are subjected to a minimum load.











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